Care & Maintenance

Care for Wrought Iron Furniture

Do not use a power washer on the frames.

Frames should be washed with a mild soap and thoroughly rinsed.

It is recommended that at least twice a year you wax your frames with an automotive-type, clear spray-on wax. Please follow the directions on the back of the bottle provided by the manufacturer.

It is strongly recommended that before waxing the frames, the frames should be inspected for chips in the finish, which may occur under normal usage. Any chips or scratches can be easily repaired by following the instructions on the back of a can of touch-up paint. Simple maintenance will ensure a lifetime of problem-free usage.

Do not use harsh chemicals to clean your product and do not use paste wax.

Also note that furniture located around salt water, including salt water pools, needs additional cleaning to remove materials that are inherently destructive to out-door finishes. We recommend cleaning your furniture on a weekly basis and apply a spray automotive wax 4 times a year.

Care & Clean Sunbrella® Upholstery

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